Payback is Hell

At one time Senator Joe Lieberman was a leader of the Democratic party, even running for Vice President on the Al Gore ticket in 2000. He has always been one of my favorite Democrats – one of the few. As the leadership of the Democratic party moved to the left, Lieberman became “outdated”. When running to keep his Democratic seat in the senate in 2006, the party deserted him. His independence was no longer endearing, and they wanted him out. The elites of the party celebrated when he lost the primary election in Connecticut. But Lieberman surprised them. He decided to run as an independent, and won.

The first real opportunity for payback came when Senator Lieberman gave a nominating speech for Senator McCain at the Republican convention in 2008. As infuriating as that was to the leadership of the Democratic party, it was nothing compared to the current round of rage. Senator Lieberman has come out strongly opposed to the public option in the health care bill and to lowering medicare to age 55. It seems that his support might be necessary in order to pass the extension of medicare to a younger age (a program that will soon run out of funds, as it is). 

If Lieberman were still part of Democratic leadership, he might have been persuaded to go along. Thankfully, he is not.

You can read about the story at the following link, but the real interesting comments can be found on left-wing Blogs.


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