Sears Steps Up in Support of Its Reservists

Corporate America does have its problems, but it also accomplishes great things. Nearly all major corporations are involved in philanthropy; many make it a priority. Target and Best Buy are two companies we have worked with that devote substantial resources to philanthropy, and I am sure that many others in our group of related industries do likewise.

Although it is not exactly philanthropy, we recently became aware of how Sears supports its employees called to active duty. It is an admirable policy and we wanted to share it with you. When reservists are called up for active military duty, corporations are required, by law, to allow these men and women to return to their previous jobs upon completion of their active tour. But that is all the law requires. Military pay is normally less than private industry so these military personnel, and their families, are often required to live on much less income, at the same time that reservists are being separated from their spouses and children.

The Sears policy, however, goes far beyond that required by law. Sears not only pays the difference in salaries but also maintains all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs for up to five years. This program has been in force since at least 2003, the earliest notation found in Snopes.

Sears also sponsors Heroes at Home, a program that assists returning veterans in job placement and provides financial assistance. Send me a note if your company has similar programs and I will include it in another post.


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