Senator Baucus Drinking on Duty?

Senator Baucus was speaking on the Senate floor recently (berating Republicans for not supporting health care “reform”) when he inadvertently made the case for a new amendment to the health care bill – mandatory drug testing for congress. It certainly appears that Baucus was under the influence of something – but you be the judge. No one could argue with the fact, however, that  Baucus made former president George W. Bush seem eloquent, by comparison. Of course Bush was clean and sober by the time he was President, so he had an unfair advantage.

Two videos from YouTube follow. The first has a few extra props for humor. It is only 27 seconds long. But just so you know the humorous video did not take license with the words Baucus spoke, the full 5 minute version is also attached. There are other versions on YouTube as well. Just search…Baucus,drunk .


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