Hype Aside, We Aren’t Evil Destroyers

We humans are, to environmentalists and their representatives in the media, the scourge of the earth. If we just went away, or didn’t breed so haphazardly,  environmental conditions would be so much more pleasant. Thousands of species would be saved, the air would be cleaner, and poverty would be reduced. Fewer trees would need to be slaughtered too.

When China was being criticized in Copenhagen for failing to join the team and commit to reducing its emissions, The Financial Post in Canada came to its defense. It called China, “the world’s leader in terms of fashioning policy to combat environmental degradation.” What? China? The world’s greatest polluter? Yes, they were really serious. To those in power at the  Financial Post, people are the primary problem. That China has instituted a “one-child policy” makes up for all its other shortcomings. The paper explained that this “simple” and “dramatic” fix would reduce the global population by 50 percent by 2075. According to the paper, the failure to even consider such a measure at Copenhagen is proof that world leaders aren’t serious about global warming. I suppose the editors would also applaud the fact that millions of female babies are being euthanized every year in both China and India. That will obviously result in fewer children being born in the future.

In defense of humans, we go back to a Canadian newspaper for a story by Seymour Garte,  a Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at the University of Pittsburgh. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Garte includes here. When he writes that carbon dioxide emissions have been declining for five years,  he means that the rate of increase is declining. Also, his comment on President  Bush was silly and without foundation. But I do agree that the facts demonstrate that environmental conditions are improving, not deteriorating, and that we humans are not the vermin that environmentalists make us out to be. I think you will find Hype Aside, We Aren’t Evil Destroyers an interesting read.


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