Orange Bowl Played in Near Record Heat

We have a guest post today from Dr. Cash Ingin, a renowned climate scientist.

One of the problems with global warming skeptics is that they don’t recognize the difference between raw temperature data and adjusted temperature data.   “Raw data” are the actual recorded temperatures.  These raw data are seldom accurate, however, for a variety of reasons too complex for non climate-scientists to understand.Raw data was what the scientists in England withheld from the public, and other scientists, for many years. Unfortunately, this data was misplaced and eventually “lost.”  But this raw data was not important anyway.  The adjusted data provides a more accurate reflection of temperature, and fortunately that data was preserved.  The Orange Bowl game played last night in Miami, Florida provided a good example of the difference between raw data and adjusted data.

The announcers broadcasting the Orange Bowl game, between Iowa and Georgia Tech, informed viewers that the temperature at game time (49 degrees)  was colder than any other Orange Bowl game in history. That kind of statement is what causes misunderstandings.  The announcers merely reported on the the raw, unadjusted data, when other factors were at play.  First of all, the game was played on January the 4th, much deeper into winter than the historical date of January the 1st. Secondly, the game was played in a new stadium that is 15 miles north of the old stadium. Third, this new stadium is  5 feet higher above sea level than the old stadium. Last of all, this game was played on a Tuesday, six days after the most recent  full moon. So, when these variables are taken into consideration, the adjusted game time temperature was 82 degrees, the fourth warmest Orange Bowl game on record. Now you can see why there are so many misunderstandings in climate science.

Dr. Cash Ingin


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