The Weather Outside is Frightful

We will soon be posting serious reports that consider, from a science perspective, the global warming claims made by the climate scientists and many politicians. We are still working on a re-design of the Blog, however,  and would like to finish that first. In the meantime, we will pass on interesting items from time to time that relate to the topic.

We are not offering the following cold weather stories as proof that global warming is a myth, but they are interesting. If climate was as sensitive to atmospheric carbon as the theory claims, then over time, we should see higher temperature highs and higher lows on a more-or-less routine basis.  And weather patterns should not revert to colder periods of 20-30 years ago. (AP Photo, Ben Czerwinski)

In early January of 2009 the canals in the Netherlands froze hard for the first time in 12 years. It was big news at the time. Skate purchases raised the GDP of the country a half point or so – well that part is not really true. Now, in early 2010 the canals are frozen again, but it doesn’t seem to be as much fun this year. The weather in Europe is actually not fun or funny, as stories from The Guardian in England ( Food Costs To Soar As Big Freeze Deepens )  and Al Jazeera  ( Severe Snow Causes Chaos in Europe ) point out. The first of these stories suggest that the winter in England is colder than any in the last 30 years, and the second claims that this could be the coldest European winter in 100 years.

Meanwhile in the U.S., AccuWeather Agricultural Meteorologist Dale Mohler, predicts that the hard freeze tonight in Florida will be the worst since December of 1989. Mohler expects a 6 to 10 percent loss of the total 2009 orange crop after tonight’s freeze.

While perusing the weather news, I also ran across an interesting survey of meteorologists. It seems that 50% disagree with the IPCC (the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), 25% are neutral and 25% agree. About 33% called the IPCC conclusions not just wrong, but a scam. On the other hand, all Climate Modelers, as opposed to Meteorologists, are convinced that Global Warming is a threat – otherwise they would be out of work.


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