Health Care Bill Feedback

The U.S. election in the fall of 2008 was truly historic. Not only did the electorate select a black president for the first time, but Republicans were trounced in Congressional elections.  Republicans had controlled the Presidency for eight years and maintained a majority in Congress for most of that time, but the electorate was ready for a change – a big change.  The Democrats even gained a 60 seat super-majority (including sympathetic Independents) in the Senate.

Now, only 14 months later, another historic election might be in store for Massachusetts and the nation. Is is hard to believe, but Ted Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat is a toss-up going into Tuesday’s election. The fact that Republicans have a chance to win this seat is, no doubt, a reflection of the unhappiness Massachusetts voters feel toward the pending health care bill.  This is all the more interesting in that Massachusetts was one of the states that had been voted special medicare privileges. The problem the Democrats have in Massachusetts is not just the health care bill, of course, they did not choose a very good candidate, either. Nevertheless, if the health care bill were not an issue, Martha Coakley would be an easy winner.

I thought the following campaign ad was very well done.


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