Health Care – How To Get Out of the Mess We’ve Created

It’s doubtful that I will wholeheartedly recommend a large number of articles written by eastern Democrats who also graduated from Harvard – but I certainly do in this case. David Goldhill has carried out excellent research on health care in America, and written an outstanding article, full of important insights.  If it were in my power I would require every man, women, and child living in the U.S. to read and critique this article.  Politicians and their staffs would have to memorize it, all 18 pages.  

Mr. Goldhill’s interest in the U.S. health care system was stimulated by a personal tragedy when his father died unnecessarily of a hospital-borne infection.  The article was printed in the prestigious Atlantic Journal.  The magazine can be blamed for selecting such a provocative title, “How American Health Care Killed My Father.” The title is unfortunate and not reflective of Goldhill’s primary message.

We have, in Reel Time and this Blog, expressed frustration over both the content of the current health care bill working its way through Congress and with the fraudulent deal-making that has accompanied it.  Our criticisms, however, should not be interpreted as support for health care status quo.  David Goldhill does a great job of analyzing why health care costs are so high and what we can do about it.  I don’t agree with everything in this report. For example, Goldhill does not address costly lawsuits and other legal issues that have greatly impacted medical costs.  Nevertheless, we can all learn a lot from this report, How American Health Care Killed My Father.


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