The Massachusetts Miracle

Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley today by a wide margin (53%-46%) and for the first time since 1972, the state of Massachusetts will have a Republican Senator.  

Ironically, today was a spectacular day for the Democratic Party.  Party leaders may never admit this or fully understand it, but this defeat in the bluest of blue states has provided them with a second chance. Today, the party is being  forced to face the truth; the majority of Americans have a visceral hatred for the type of heath care plans both houses of Congress have passed.  In fact, for many Americans, health care is so crucial that it is the issue that will decide their vote.

 If Senator Kennedy had not died, there would have been no special election in Massachusetts, and the health care bill would very likely have been passed. That would have been lights out for the Democratic Party.  It would have been crushed in November 2010 and 2012. The Democratic leadership will, if it has an ounce of intuition, take a big step back and try to regain the confidence of the American people. It worked for Clinton in 1994, and it might work again this time. 

Our Weekly Feature article offers great ideas for health care legislation, but the philosophy expressed is pretty much the opposite of President Obama’s, so I suppose a really good health care bill is still not in our future. There is some good news however, in that he bill that is ultimately passed will be less damaging than the pending House and Senate bills.

The following three minute video clip of a Massachusetts focus group is very interesting.


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