We Have Moved! We Have Moved!

The template and hosting service we began using in early December did not offer everything we needed, so we have to moved to a better neighborhood.  We are very excited about the new and improved home for Paper and Other Absolute Truths, but we must ask you to sign up again for automatic email and RSS updates. Please go to www.absolute-truths.com and sign up in the lower right portion of the new site. Your current email sign-up, or RSS feed will no longer allow you to receive posts from Paper and Other Absolute Truths.

The current host is WordPress and their name is in the url, but that will no longer be the case with the new site. Therefore, if you have added our web-site to your “favorites” or “bookmarks” you will have to go again to www.absolute-truths.com  and bookmark this url.  

The design of the new site has some similarities with the old, but we are now much better organized. You will see that the top of the home page has a section for a Weekly Feature. Important “Feature” posts will remain in this area for a week. Other posts will scroll by date as has been the case previously.

In the right sidebar, posts are archived in a number of convenient ways. Please take a few minutes and look around. We have retained our Strange But True and Quote boxes. We are still fine-tuning the new site, but most of the work has been completed.

Once again, your current email sign up, or RSS feed, will no longer allow you to receive our posts. Please go to www.absolute-truths.com and sign up for automatic updates through RSS or email.

Thank you.

Verle Sutton


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