Verle Sutton is the host of this Blog and the editor of a monthly subscription service,  The Reel Time Report. Reel Time has been providing pricing data, analysis, and paper industry forecasts for the last 10 years. When paper overlaps with the mainstream world, Reel Time offers analysis of issues such as forestry,climate change, energy, recycling, etc. This Blog, Paper and Other Absolute Truths, gives us an opportunity to touch base with our subscribers in between our monthly reports and also allows us to expand coverage of crucial scientific, economic, and political issues ignored or misrepresented in the main stream media.

The Reel Time Report is a paid subscription service and is available from Forestweb at http://www.industryintel.com/Corporate/view/reeltime_report.cfm

Verle received degrees in Industrial Psychology from the University of Missouri-St.Louis (BA) and the University of Illinois-Edwardsville (MS).  He spent the first 12 years of his career working in manufacturing, education, and as a stock broker for Merrill Lynch. For the last 30 years Verle has worked in the paper industry. He was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Niagara of Wisconsin (1984) and then Lake Superior Paper Industries (1986). In 1991 Verle founded R.O.S. Paper Sales, a company that sells paper on behalf of paper mills through out North America, and in 1999, founded The Reel Time Report. In 2003 Reel Time was sold to Forestweb, but Verle continues to produce the content. In recent years Verle has become more involved in consulting work for various paper producers and consumers.

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